Sun Salutation

Taken from this super-cute yoga cartoon.

1. Mountain Pose (palms together in prayer, then down to sides. Exhale.)

2. Inhale, Arms Overhead.

3. Exhale, Forward Fold.
3b. Rise up halfway, lift torso parallel to floor, look at wall

4. Inhale, Right Leg Back (Low Lunge: arch back, keep chin up)

5. Exhale, Left Leg Back (Plank Pose: tuck tailbone, keep spine & legs in a straight line)

6. Keeping toes curled, hips up, and breath retained, bend elbows and Lower Knees-Chest-&-Chin

7. Inhale, Cobra (stretch forward & bend back, press toes flat, keep arms low or straighten)

8. Exhale, Down Dog (curl toes, press into heels, lift hips — hold for 5 breaths)

9. Inhale, Right Leg Forward (Low Lunge: chin up!)

10. Exhale, Left Leg forward, rise up halfway, then go into your Forward Fold

11.  Arms up (bend back if you like)

12. Hands to Prayer, and down to Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

REPEAT, this time putting LEFT leg back, then forward.

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